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VMware VCAP5-DCD exam : Finally Passed

Today is the moment, where I became a VMware DCD certified professional.  As many others, I am very very happy and satisfied. This is one of the toughest exam I ever wrote.  Like VMware technologies, to master it, you need lot of skills and domain experience. Similarly this exam need lot of personal skills, like CONCENTRATION, DEDICATION, HARDWORK, FAST READING, COMPREHENDING, QUICK DECISION MAKING, FAST THINKING and TIME MANAGEMENT and good PHYSICAL STRENGTH also because it is 4 hours exam, at a stretch you need to write. Even though you can take a break in between the exam, but in REALLITY you don’t even get time to think for a  !!! BREAK !!!

VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 – Data Center Design (VCAP5-DCD)  the examination path is given below


After getting VCP5-DV, I attempted the DCD exam on 6 September 2013, I got 288 marks and failed for 12 marks. It was really a close miss……

My close friends and wife motivated and supported me well, I studied well and rectified the mistakes happened in the first time. Finally with a month preparation, and couple of Exam reschedules, I PASSED the Exam second time.

Even though there are lot of help materials, blueprints, brown bag sessions, sample designs and video trainings, you need a real time Design experience, guidance and mentoring from experts. If you have a good friends circle to discuss the VMware design process and methods and considerations etc… it will be very much helpful in the exam preparation.

I am really thanks for Chand Shaik for the study materials, Anoop Kundathil for design discussions, Preetam Zare for quick exam doubts and clarifications,  Artur Krzywdzinski my technical mentor and guide, Anoop Madhavan and Srijit S my friends, they all helped me in my preparation.

My satisfying moment !!!!


I will share my exam experience and tips in my next blog post.


VMware NSX Network Virtualization Platform : Generally Available now

As we all know Network virtualization is the next Game changer in the Datacenter technologies, as always VMware innovation is very much ahead in the game. VMware announced this new product in the August VMworld 2013 in United States.

SDN (Software defined Networking) is one of the main pillar in the Software Defined Data Center concept.

This October at VMworld® in Barcelona, the NSX is GA for the public.

For more details about the NSX 

For our better understanding VMware hands on labs are available for learning the technology.

A great architecture diagrams and youtube links are available Hany Michael site!

I will give more details about the NSX in future posts.

VMware Certified Associate (VCA) Exams : My experience

As we all know VMware has released three new certifications. There’s no training course requirement for the new exams although VMware offers a free self-paced eLearning course which is recommended to help you prepare for the VCA exams. Earning VMware Certified Associate (VCA) certification demonstrates your foundational understanding of virtualization technology.


VMware Certified Associate – Cloud (VCA-Cloud)
With the VCA-Cloud certification, you’ll have greater credibility when discussing cloud computing, the business challenges the vCloud Suite is designed to address, and how deploying the vCloud solution addresses those challenges. You’ll be able to define cloud computing and provide use case scenarios of how vCloud and cloud computing can take advantage of private and public clouds without changing existing applications and leverage a common management, orchestration, networking, and security model.
To become VCA-Cloud certified you must pass the VCA-Cloud exam (exam code: VCAC510). There is no training requirement, however there is a free, self-paced e-learning class that can help you prepare: VMware Cloud Fundamentals

VMware Certified Associate – Data Center Virtualization (VCA-DCV)
With the VCA-Data Center Virtualization certification, you’ll have greater credibility when discussing data center virtualization, the business challenges that vSphere is designed to address, and how virtualizing the data center with vSphere addresses those challenges. You’ll be able to define data center virtualization and provide use case scenarios of how vSphere and data center virtualization can provide cost and operational benefits.
There is no training requirement, however there is a free, self-paced e-learning class that can help you prepare: VMware Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals


After booking the exam, it will be available for two days. The length of the exam is 90/120 minutes. When you take the exam in 2013, you will get a discount of 50%. The normal price is 95.00, after discount it’s only EUR 57.47 (inclusive VAT). The exam can be taken online from home and you may cancel this exam as long as the exam has not been started, and the delivery period has not expired.
There’s a special promotion that expires on October 30, 2013 –

Yesterday I took the exam, and passed it is very simple exam with 50 questions, and to pass you need to score 300. This is really a great initiative from VMware for the fresher’s in the industry and those who are new to VMware technology.

 As of today, the free VCA exam promotion code is: VCA13ICS

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